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Our Learning Hubs

Learning Hubs

The Academy is divided into 6 Learning Hubs, each led by an Assistant Principal. The six learning hubs contain tutor groups, whereby students are allocated to a tutor group within a specific subject area. The tutor and coordinator of the subject have the curricular and pastoral responsibility for their tutees. Student Support Services' role is to oversee provision in key areas e.g. attendance and punctuality and student support across the other hubs. Learning Hubs have responsibility for the Academic Achievement and Welfare of each student assigned to the hub. Each hub student wears a tie with a stripe in their hub colour.

Year groups are divided into tutor groups and are assigned a Learning Hub Tutor who will meet with the tutor group each day and monitor student progress and behaviour closely, liaising with parents as appropriate.  Each Learning Hub Tutor is lead by a Subject Coordinator who has overall responsibility of the academic and pastoral welfare of all students in their hub.

Healthy competition between hubs will encourage teamwork and a sense of pride in achieving excellence in Sport, Enterprise, Academic Achievement, Attendance and contribution to the success of the Academy.

The Learning Hubs are made up of the following staff structure and colour scheme:

Creative Voice - Blue
Assistant Principal
English & Media Coordinator   -   MFL Coordinator - Coordinator 6th form

Business and Enterprise - Red
Assistant Principal
Business and ICT Coordinators

Active Science - Green
Assistant Principal
Director of Science, Science Coordinator -  PE Coordinator - Coordinator 6th form

World & Citizenship Studies - Yellow
Assistant Principal
Humanities Coordinator - Coordinator 6th form

Logical Arts - Purple
Assistant Principal
Director of Maths - Maths Coordinator  -  Performing Arts Coordinator

Post 16 - Business Suits for male and female students